4 best restaurants in Sapa


Sapa is not only famous for the beautiful landscape of vast terraced rice fields, but also for the unique flavor of cuisine. In Sapa, restaurants with beautiful views, delicious foods, plenty of Western and Asian choices are easy to find. Tourists can try traditional foods of the mountain area in the local way at restaurants on stilts. It could be hard to find a restaurant exclusively for vegans, but some local dishes such as bamboo rice, bamboo sprouts and dishes made of wild vegetables could satisfy demanding vegans.

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1. Sapa O’Chau Cafe

Address: 8 Thac Bac Street, Sapa

One can describe this special cafe in four verses: A meeting place for socially conscious tourists  – A training facility for our students – An information centre about the Sapa O’Chau project -A place to organise treks and homestays.

Sapa O’Chau is a non-profit organization seeking to promote education and employment opportunities for the Hmong ethnicity in Sapa town and beyond. Sapa O’Chau is both the latest project and also a bridge to bring more awareness to people about the organization. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Sapa O’Chau Cafe via Travel Blog

2. Little Sapa Restaurant

Address: 18 Cau may str.

Walking down Cau May-the busiest tourist street in Sapa, you can easily catch sight of a restaurant with a lovely name “Little Sapa”, where you can find yourself some great local food at a very reasonable price. The restaurant is neatly clean and well-function. The extremely friendly staff will try their best to support you, although they cannot speak English well.

A complete breakfast of around VND 80,000 includes omelets, baguettes, fresh orange juice, and fruit, while lunch and dinner share the same menu and the price depends on each dish so sometimes you can enjoy your main meal with only VND 60,000. The average price for one meal with 4 mains and 2 drinks is about VND 200,000. Almost dishes are excellent, especially spring rolls, Sapa special mushroom-tomato soup, and BBQ pork. Rice is served on the side for only VND 10,000. Tourists are also very fond of chayote vegetable, which are very popular in Sapa and can buy fresh in the market. 


Exit Sapa market into Cau may street and turn right. Walk past a few houses and the restaurant is on your right.

3. Red Dao House Restaurant

Address: 04B Thac Bac

Visiting Red Dao House Restaurant in Sapa, tourists will have a chance to enjoy their authentically Vietnamese meal in a traditional wooden house with cozy and romantic atmosphere. Located in Thac Bac Street, very near to Victoria Hotel, Red Dao House is considered one of the best restaurants in town. Besides the unique design, all of staff members are professional-trained and amiable in traditional uniform of Red Dao People

Red Dao House Restaurant via Hungry bee Maija

The restaurant offers various sets of both Vietnamese and Western cuisines, starting from USD 2 each for breakfast and USD 5 for lunch and dinner. There are local specialties such as pan fried pawn with garlic, roasted duck with honey, beef steak with mushroom sauce, and chicken hot pot. The menu also has wide choices for drinks with Vietnamese coffee, Vietnamese jasmine tea, Lao Cai beer, Red Dao wine, etc. More detailed information is available at Red Dao House’s official website. Tourists can have their meal served inside the house or in an open space under the sunshine to enjoy the Sapa Town’s view. The restaurant accepts both payment in cash and credit cards.

4. The French Bakery

Address: 46 Cau May Str.

As you take a walk around Sapa, you will probably realize what a patisserie town it is. Along Cau May and Fansipan street there are numerous bakeries of mouth-watering pastry. French Bakery at the end of Cau May street is a good one to try. The cheese cake is actually made into cake-like texture but brownie with almond pieces is highly recommended. Otherwise, either chocolate tart or tiramisu can go well with a glass of black Vietnamese coffee. A short break and you will have enough energy to trek a few more villages!


Exit Sapa market into Cau May street and turn right. Walk to the end of the hill and the Bakery is on your right.

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